With my friend Purnima. I met her about 4 years ago, sharing a room in Amma´s tour, and in the beggining I really didn´t like to help her at all. But with time I started really apreciating her presence, and we became good friends. I learn a lot from her. I learn about giving my time and energy to help people that want help, and about how much this makes me happy. I learn from her patience, devotion, excellent sense of humor and intelligence. I learn about focusing the mind in what really matters and staying positive and generous. I learn about the healing power of being in the presence of a Master. I definitely learn about organization. Even with all physical limitations Purnima has, she´s really positive. She´s with Amma for more than 10 years, period in which she received so much healing from the Goddess, by living in the ashram, following Amma in almost all the tours around the world, praying and studying the scriptures, really practicing Bhakti Yoga. And almost never complaining, even though I know it it´s quite hard many times. I also notice that she becomes a better person everyday, more tolerant and kind with all her many helpers, for whom she needs to say the same instructions again and again and again. And the name she received, Purnima, means complete, full, and also perfect. It shows me that life is always perfect, when we accept the reality as it is and use all the opportunities we have for freedom. Jay Ma

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Confiança ao estar Mulher e Mãe

Estar mãe e mulher (acaba de voltar minha menstruação, menos de 4 meses após o parto) nesta época do sonho da humanidade é para a alma uma oportunidade de reconexão com a Confiança, tão perdida em nós