Amala Bharata

Specially for my Indian friends: India is such amazing land. So many humans became saints here, giving their lives to the happiness of all. So many portals to true devotion and practices towards spiritual freedom. So much wisdom, some hidden, some evident. So much kindness and smiles and joy. Thank you all the universe, for this land. But... in spite of having beautiful nature and magic sacred rivers, socially there is a severe social imbalance about the respect for nature. Please please stop throwing your plastics from the windows, on the ground. This is horrible. The country is full of garbage. Please let's reduce, reuse, recicle. Plastic is not organic, it takes ages to dissolve. It's toxic. Please please take better care of your cows. They suffer so much eating garbage on the streets. It's so sad. Please give some atention to higiene and cleaness. If you are Indian reading this and lost in professional life... think about working with the improvement of human relationship with nature here. You'll find a lot of work. You deserve to keep on being a beautiful land. Listen to your saints. Taking care of nature is the most powerful puja. Amala Bharata Om Parashaktiye Namaha

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Confiança ao estar Mulher e Mãe

Estar mãe e mulher (acaba de voltar minha menstruação, menos de 4 meses após o parto) nesta época do sonho da humanidade é para a alma uma oportunidade de reconexão com a Confiança, tão perdida em nós